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Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and will have a great Holiday season.  I saw this interesting article regarding a man who  lost his eye from contact lenses.  That's right you read correctly, a 59 year old British man, contracted a rare infection and had to get s...

Birth control and abortions are some of the most controversial topics in healthcare today.  I read an article recently regarding our new President Elect Donald Trump and his feelings toward birth control.  As the article states, Mr. Trump is not a big fan of the Afford...

Happy Halloween!!!!! 

This is one of my favorite times of the year!!!! Dressing up in costumes, parties and free candy! Who could ask for more! 

As a child and for any children today, one of the greatest things about halloween is the free candy.  Here are some quick help...

Flu Season is here!!! Are you prepared?? 

Every year we hear about the flu season and like many of us we either brush it off or suffer the consequences of getting sick! Here are some helpful tips that can help you to prevent and fight off the flu!

1. Get the flu vaccine!...

That's right you heard it correctly, white rice has been shown to be worse than drinking soda, when analyzing your risk for developing diabetes.  Some recent findings of a study done over the course of 20 years and 350,000 patients, was published by the Harvard School...

The FDA is enforcing a new ban on all manufacturers of anti-bacterial products to remove 19 specific antibacterial ingredients!!! That means no more anti-bacterial soaps or body washes! 

Recent evidenced based trials, that were required by the FDA for manufactures and c...

Many of you in Hawaii are already aware of the Hepatitis outbreak here on Oahu, linked to a popular sushi restaurant serving infected scallops. However, for those of you who have or are recently traveling to the East Coast beware!!! There has recently been an outbreak...

September 2, 2016

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