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Birth Control, IUD's and Donald Trump!

Birth control and abortions are some of the most controversial topics in healthcare today. I read an article recently regarding our new President Elect Donald Trump and his feelings toward birth control. As the article states, Mr. Trump is not a big fan of the Affordable Care Act and is more than likely also anti-abortion.

What does the Affordable Care Act have to do with Womens Health? Well, a whole lot!!! The Affordable Care, otherwise known as Obamacare has made women's health services basically free to all women who carry some form of health insurance. This means at little to no cost, women in the United States women receive birth control in the form of oral contraceptive pills, IUD's or intrauterine devices and various other birth control methods for free to little cost. BUT, if our President Elect Donald Trump does abolish and replace Obamacare, these services may no longer be covered and prices may sky rocket.

Well, sky rocket may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it won't be cheap. Especially, for those women who have opted for an IUD. An IUD or intrauterine device is one of the best methods for preventing unwanted pregnancies today. You don't have to take a pill at all, no worrying about missing a pill, little to no side effects such as acne or weight gain and it lasts for years, without you having to worry Did I mention they are roughly 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

But, if and when Obamacare is abolished and replaced, this once affordable procedure will become extremely expensive. The procedure although, quick and easy to place, will not come cheap.

Once again, thank your for reading and stopping by our blog, we hope you had a Happy Halloween!! More to come as we hit the holiday season, so stay connected!


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