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3 Tips to Beat the Flu!!!

Flu Season is here!!! Are you prepared??

Every year we hear about the flu season and like many of us we either brush it off or suffer the consequences of getting sick! Here are some helpful tips that can help you to prevent and fight off the flu!

1. Get the flu vaccine!!! We as providers can't stress this enough, how important it is for many of you to simply get vaccinated. Yes, it is a guessing game and a rather educated guess each year when deciding what viruses are needed to be protected from, while making the influenza vaccine. However, at least you can have piece of mind knowing that when your friend or co-worker coughs in your face, you may already be protected!

2. Sleep at least 6-8hours a night! How simple can it get right? Everyone loves sleep and getting an average/minimum of 6-8hours a night can have significant health benefits for your immune system. As we go about our day we expend energy and tons of it, especially during the holiday season! Our bodies need to not only replenish the energy lost during the day, but it also needs rest to help recharge our immune system. The stress you deal with daily from work, school, family and planning for the holidays, all during flu season has a negative impact on your immune system. These actually have a biologic affect on your immune system causing it to weaken and ensuring 6-8 hours of sleep a night is one way we can help to combat this problem!

3. Take your vitamins! Boost your bodies natural immune system by taking a daily multi-vitamin and eating healthy. We all heard the saying, "an apple a day, keeps the germs away!" How true is that, well, pretty darn accurate. Antioxidants and vitamin C are packed in fruits and vegetables, which can help boost our natural immunity. But, during the holiday season, which is also flu season we don't always eat the best. So the simplest way to ensure your share, is by taking a daily multi-vitamin. Specifically, find something with some zinc in it too! Zinc has been shown in some studies to have anti-viral properties, which can help prevent us from getting sick.


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