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5 Tips for Safe and Healthy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!!

This is one of my favorite times of the year!!!! Dressing up in costumes, parties and free candy! Who could ask for more!

As a child and for any children today, one of the greatest things about halloween is the free candy. Here are some quick helpful health tips to keep you, your family and especially your children safe tonight!

1. Be aware of your surroundings!! Carry a flashlight, wear glow sticks or light reflectors to protect yourself from all the busy foot and automobile traffic. By helping the cars watch out for you and by walking in groups can help prevent you from potentially dangerous situations.

2. Screen your candy!! Sadly, in today's world we cant be too careful! Every year I've seen more and more reports of sharp and dangerous objects being hidden in candy! One of the biggest culprits are candy bars!!! How devastating would it be to have your child bite into a candy bar, that had a needle, sharp metal object or any other harmful substance hidden away. One way to help screen your candy is by breaking the candy bar in the middle before giving to your child. This simple task can help sort out potentially harmful objects. Also, check the packaging of your candy!! If you suspect any breaks or compromises in the integrity of the candy wrapping, throw it away!!!

3. Limit yourself and Child to 3 pieces a day!! Easier said than done right! But, if you can find a way to limit yourself to only eating 3 pieces of candy a day. This is a great way to prevent all the extra calories and sugar from your halloween treats.

4. Eat before you treat!! One way to prevent you and the family from binging on all that free candy is to eat a healthy dinner before going out tonight. Remember you probably will be doing a lot of walking tonight and those hours of walking don't burn enough calories to make up for all that candy you consume later in the evening. On average children may eat up to 3,500 - 7,000 calories after trick or treating!! That would be like playing for 12 hours straight on a basketball game!!!!!

5. Offer alternatives to candy! This can be done in multiple ways to have a healthier halloween. Instead of passing out candy, pass out apple slices or pretzels. You may not be the favorite, but some parents may appreciate it. Also, offer an alternative snack to yourself and children when going for some candy. Make it a habbit to eat something healthy along with your candy. Most of the time you will eat the healthy alternative first and then shy away from the candy!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!


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